Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Steps

Hey you guys, Dr Axe here. Today I’m going to share with you my secrets for reversing hair loss. And there are 6 incredible compounds that can reverse hair loss and there is a cause by the way of hair loss.

A lot of times people are turning to shampoo and different sort of chemicals to try and stop it. That’s not fixing the problem because you’re not getting to the root of it. Listen there is a known cause of hair loss and it’s the increase of an androgen hormone in your body called DHT that stands for Dihydrotestosterone and when this hormone is increased within your body it’s what causes male baldness, it’s what causes women growing facial hair or the thinning in hair of both men and women.

The good news is there’s some all natural things you can do to reverse hair loss and to start thickening your hair, to start growing new hair. And these things are absolutely proven through science and through nature. And so let’s go into these 6 secrets of reversing hair loss. And these 6 foods really their benefits are they block DHT, they block dihydrotestosterone and that’s what’s going to naturally thicken your hair and put a complete halt to hair loss.

The first one is called saw palmetto. Saw palmetto is a herb that’s been shown to block DHT and dihydrotestosterone. For saw palmetto you want to supplement with 1,500 milligrams a day. That is probably the number one effective herb at blocking DHT. Also saw palmetto has been shown to be greatly beneficial for the health of the prostate and overall for health in women.

The second thing you want to be consuming are adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogenic herbs help your body adapt and deal with stress and they naturally balance out hormones and reduce cortisol levels. Another major common cause of hair loss is when cortisol increases in your body. That’s known as your aging hormone. And so when cortisol is up, again think about aging, what happens when your hair thins, your hair ages okay or starts to thin over time. So you’ve got to lower your cortisol levels and there are 2 superstar adaptogenic herbs that help with this, Ashwagandha and Rhodiola. There are a lot of medical studies proving that these help reduce stress, reduce cortisol which in turn is going to stop hair loss and actually cause you to start growing more hair back. So again look for Ashwagandha and Rhodiola. I would take 500 milligrams of each of those a day if you want to put a halt to hair loss.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.00.08The third thing you want to be getting to stop hair loss is you want to be supplementing with pumpkin seed oil. In fact, pumpkin seed oil is packed with zinc and zinc actually has been shown to help stop hair loss. And so again pumpkin seed oil, doing one tablespoon a day, greatly beneficial and there is so many healthy fats in pumpkin seed oil. That’s another thing you got to remember is as you are stopping hair losses you’ve got to balance your hormones. This is really a hormonal thing. Like I said dihydrotestosterone, this androgen hormone that’s released in men and women, that’s the main cause. So if you can lower cortisol, if you can lower DHT and if you can increase other healthy hormones like human growth hormone and progesterone in your body, that’s also going to help halt hair loss.

The fourth thing you need to be getting are B complex vitamins specifically biotin and vitamin B5, also known as Pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 supports your adrenal glands so that will help support hair loss and biotin actually helps thicken your hair naturally. So getting a good B complex vitamin or buying biotin and buying vitamin B5 kind of on their own and supplementing with those.

The next thing you want to be doing, our number 5 here, is supplementing with zinc. Supplementing with zinc actually helps boost your immunity, helps repair your gut. Overall that’s even important for your hormones.

And the last thing but not the least is getting more omega3 fatty acids specifically doing a fish oil also helps with hormones. And by the way, don’t go and buy a cheap fish oil, buy a top notch fish oil supplement. Axe Naturals is the brand I personally take and use, also there are some other good brands out there, Nordic Naturals, Garden Of Life, but again I would look for a fish oil supplement that also has an antioxidant in it called Astaxanthin. Fish oil, very high in omega3 that reduces inflammation, those sort of fatty acids help balance hormones.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 13.59.00Those are the top 6 super foods that can help halt hair loss and really help thicken your hair. And the last thing I want to mention here, also you want to remove grains and sugar out of your diet. These grains and sugar feed bad bacteria, grains even like wheat bread, even doing whole grains, they cause your estrogen to increase, they cause DHT to increase. So following more of a diet that’s going to be higher in healthy fat, lower in carbohydrates will definitely be beneficial. Some of the healthy fats you want to be consuming are omega9 fats like almonds, avocados and olive oil, you want to get omega3 rich foods like wild caught salmon, grass fed beef and doing chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts. Also getting healthy saturated fat in the form of coconut products.

Cooking with coconut oil, doing coconut milk in a smoothie for breakfast. So eliminating and getting rid of a lot of grains and sugars, increasing your consumption of healthy fat. Remember, if you’re going to reverse hair loss and thicken your hair naturally you’ve got to balance hormones. So remember take those top DHT blockers. As we mentioned saw palmetto is vitally important, also doing a B complex vitamin, doing pumpkin seed oil like I mentioned. All of these things are greatly beneficial at halting hair loss, reversing hair loss and naturally thickening your hair. If you’re wondering well what shampoos are best, I also recommend shampoos that have biotin and are made with aloe vera. So look for that. Just go online and search shampoos with aloe vera and biotin, those naturally thicken hair and those will also help in halting hair loss.

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